Meetei Mayek and Unicode™

As of 1st October 2009, Meetei Mayek has been included in the Unicode™ Standard, Version 5.2. This will allow people to create and exchange universally compatible documents in Meetei Mayek script.

Before this was done, Meetei Mayek documents were tied to the fonts which were used to create them, thus making it difficult to exchange documents between organisations using different fonts. Now with Unicode™, there is just one standard and all the future documents will be tied only to that standard.

In the Unicode™ Standard, Version 5.2, Meetei Mayek has been assigned the hexadecimal code numbers from ABC0 to ABFF. Thus for example, the letter 'kok' has the code ABC0 and 'til' has code ABC7.

The details can be viewed from the chart alongside.

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