Date: Sat, 26 Jun 93 22:30:23 GMT By the way -- the "mandrill" referred to below is a famous computer graphic image of a colourful S. American monkey, which most people with graphics workstations have seen sometime or another.

Bhote phor BJP

Jai ram ji ki. Today, again unujual experience. Aj ujual after lunch I am returning to office, am sitting in phront of computer. Eyes are clojing, kundalini is flowing, meditation process gradually proceeding. Sudden tapping noise waking me abruptly. Phamous "mandrill" image on screen flashing on, off, on, off, monkey knocking on screen to attract my attention. Bhaat is this? Why South American baboon wearing saffron langoti? Mandrill saying "Arre bhai, you are looking like Hindu. With you I want to discuss about situajan in India. Pleej bhote phor BJP."

Monkey cannot inphluence my vote. When I start moving away, desperate monkey is pulling out shiny watch, swinging it on chain, is trying to hypnotize me. Suddenly pheet cannot move. My limbs are heavy. Monkey dominating me by its sheer mental power. I am pulled inside screen.

Inside is phorest, lot many monkeys eating, playing, swinging in trees. Saffron langoti monkey approaching with smile. "Bhai, you know about Ayogya controversy. Ayogya temple must be built to bring back Hindus' self-respect. Bhote phor self-respect. Pleej bhote phor BJP."

Monkey proposal absurd, humiliating. Why phor different specie animal canvassing my vote? By what law I am illegally hypnotized by monkey? Monkey conciliatory. "Bhai, phorgive me. In BJP there is no man, monkey. BJP has place for everyone."

Let me see. Let us test monkey intellectual power. One question after another I am firing. All the time I am arguing, probing. Monkey easily clearing all my doubts about BJP! Only now I am realizing true greatness of BJP. I must bhote phor BJP.

It eej time to go. Monkey giving me Advani photo, bringing lotus, issuing me trishul, saffron langoti. I am congratulating monkey. "With your monkey friends, many bhotes you can canvass for BJP." Tears rolling down monkey cheeks. "Monkeys too shrewd. Only human beings I am able to convince."

Narayan Sriranga Raja.