Nobot Guestbook

Based on Matt's guestbook and Andrew Gregory's "Message Image"

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Quick Install Instructions

  1. Edit using any ascii editor. There are a few things that need to be changed in this file:
    $guestbookurl - The url address of your guestbook.html file
    $guestbookreal - The system location of your guestbook.html file
    e.g. /home/flowers/public_html/guestbook.html
    $guestlog - The system location of your guestlog.html file
    e.g. /home/flowers/public_html/guestlog.html
    $cgiurl - The url portion of the address to the file
  2. The files,,, code.txt needs to be placed in your server's cgi-bin directory.
  3. guestbook.html, addguest.html, guestlog.html should be kept in the documents directory of the server, usually the "document root" directory. Their locations have to specified, in step 1.
  4. Change the permissions in the following way: *.pl should have execute permission for everybody. guestbook.html, guestlog.html, code.txt should be readable and writable by everybody, because the code number and guestbook entries and log have to be written by the script.
  5. Put at.png in the same directory as guestbook.html.
That's it! It should work now. If you have been using Matt's guestbook already, it would be trivial to setup Nobot Guestbook.