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Welcome to my home-page!

I am Tabish. I am a physicist by profession, and am interested in lots of things, some of which you will figure out as you go through this page.

Academic journey

I finished my Ph.D. work in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Then I was a post-doc at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Madras for two and a half years. Then I was at the Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research for nearly two year, until I ran into problems because of my stand against nuclear weapons.
At present I am Professor at the Centre for Theoretical Physics, JMI, New Delhi.

My other interests are computers and everything related to them, promoting scientific temper around me, and studying the wildflowers of India. I am also interested in understanding people, and hence my interest in psychology. This has also led me into philosophy, but not of the vague kind! :-)

My World of Physics

My major interest is physics. To be more specific, my research interests are foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement and quantum dissipative systems

Here I describe some of my work, in a simpler and less technical language. I hope you will enjoy this. This section is still under construction.

:-) Quantum tunneling of hydrogen in niobium

:-) Cluster world!

:-) Protective measurements in quantum mechanics.

:-) A Fractal!

Rational thought

Web designing

Web designing is something I enjoy. Here are a some sites which I have created:

Here are some small software utilities that I have created:
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Some interesting anecdotes

:-) Hope you had a nice time - come again!
|\/|ail Userid tabishq at google's email.
Center for Theoretical Physics
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025, INDIA.