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Meetei-Mayek is the script which was used to write Manipuri till the 18th century. The script nearly became extinct as a result of a mass burning of all books in Meeteilon ordered by Ningthau Pamheiba who ruled Manipur in the 18th century. The king embraced Vaishnavism, took the name Garibnawaz and made Vaishnavism the state religion. Subsequently, Bengali script was adopted to write the language and is being used till date. Recent research has resurrected this script, and it is now being given its due place.

Meetei Mayek has now been included in the Unicode Standard, Version 5.2 which was released on 1st October 2009! To understand what inclusion in the Unicode Standard implies, read this article.
We have created a a new Unicode Meetei Mayek font Eeyek, which is available for download.

A page of the original manuscript Cheitharol Kumbaba (A Royal Chronicle of Manipur).
(Courtesy: N. Khelchandra Singh)

We introduce the Eeyek (Unicode) TrueType Font, which allows you to read and write in Meetei Mayek script, using the latest Unicode Standard, on your computers. This means, you can Download Eeyek Font and much more.
This font is free!
(because some of the best things in life are free) :-)

The main idea behind creating this font is to make Meetei Mayek popular, by giving everybody a simple way to use it on the computer, without having to learn and use any new software. This font is also intended to introduce Meetei Mayek into the world of internet and World Wide Web, which is now governed by the Unicode Standard.

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You can see Meetei Mayek on this page because it is put as images, and not text. In normal usage, the matter has to be displayed as text. For viewing Meetei Mayek text in webpages, you need to download and install a Unicode compatible Meetei Mayek font.

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Have you got the Meetei Mayek font installed? Enjoy Manipuri in the original script, at the following sites:

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If you create a page using the Meetei Mayek font, do tell us. We will give it a link here.

Eeyek True-Type font.
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